I am 21. There is nothing remarkable about me.

Call, break it off 
Call, break my own heart 
Maybe I would have been 
Something you’d be good at 
Maybe you would have been 
Something I’d be good at 
But now we’ll never know 

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have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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Grimes 8/9/14

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*ssssk ssssk ssssk ssssk*


ah i see youve noticed me walking in my pants made of windbreaker material

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Tegan and Sara | Arrow | Sainthood

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"78% of men would rather date a confident plus size woman than an insecure supermodel" who cares. literally who cares

maybe if we didn’t pit women against one another to be the ~most desirable to men neither would be insecure. 78% of men would rather date a confident fat woman but 100% of women deserve more than to have their worth based on how willing some irrelevant guy is to take on their insecurities CAUSED by this fucking culture in the first place.

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